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Exp: x120
Cap 140
Mastery: 420
Drop: x40
Alchemy Rate: x 1.2
Online Players: 374

Good4Nothing Tax 20%
_Red_Line_ Tax 20%
_KnightClub_ Tax 20%
White_G3R Tax 20%
Paragon Update #677
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Paragon Update #676
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Last 5 global on Server

Dark_Shadow : Hey all
autoevent2 : [Hide&Seek Event] [Round1] Tips will be send To found me!
__Mallinha__ : WTB Talisman N+Res pet wts itens moon
ToReTTo : bby again <3
ToReTTo : where are u old player :*(
Paragon Update #677 ~ bibi_fr

Hello Revenge User

A update has been occured on server

* Rate Mob Temple on Some Room Increased
* Rate Drop Nova-Moon Temple Increased
* Evil Flower material icon Fix
* Fix Incorrect Spawn mob level on Temple Job (Dark Sandman)
* Fix Material Drop on Temple Job Imotehp Room only
* Fix Earring Nova EU When using Race Change scroll to CH (Crash client)
* Fix Revenge Angel Dress price showing
* Fix Auto-equipement Tiket on npc Alex
* Adding Sro_Client.exe Released a couple of Day ago as mendatory in update
* Adding New Sun D17 Glow (Sox glow) Tiket change (Pink - Red - Yellow - Orange - Green - Dark Blue - Purple)
* Fixing Some Weapon power again to be more properly done
* Fixing Some Blader Skill Time (KD for exemple Incorrect time of use allow to kd in any condition)
* F
Paragon Update #676 ~ bibi_fr

Hello Revenge

A extra update will be Occured on Wednesday 10h server time du to some bug to fix on game in emergency

Update patch :

* Fixing Necklace EU Nova D17 Who crashing char after last update
* Adding 500+ New Temple Job spawn point for mob
* Increasing Drop Temple Job rate of 5%
Paragon Update #672 ~ bibi_fr

Hello Revenge user,

This morning server when offline at ovh center so we decided to occuring a part of the update. the last part of this on will come saturday

Update feature

*Flame Captain Talisman Rate Increase
*Fixing some title name Who showing 0 whit bot
*Fix of Title Name In Npc (Viking)
*Fixing unique HP of Some unique event (Down HP -35% unique lvl 120-130-140)
*Adding Some Random position of the Real unique on Map
*Fixing Icon 2H Sword D17
*Correction notice BA and CTF to annouce Reward of them also
*Special Weekly Event Rate on FGW Flame Grade 4
*Fix Material Alchemy Drop in Temple Job
*Fix Material Element Show on Item
*Adding Glow Egy Set on Egy D17 Set Like original one